Analysis of the Governor

Eoniea's oils are independently verified to contain the highest levels of phenols in the world.

Research conducted by the University of Athens has established that our olive oils have the highest total concentrations of polyphenols available. Specifically, they are rich in oleocanthal and oleacin – crucial to improving health.

Eoniea’s range of high-phenolic EVOO has been accredited to the EU health claim, regulation 432/2012. This official test guarantees the phenolic quality of our collection has been scientifically proven to protect blood lipids from oxidative stress. Eonia's collection is one of a handful of oils proven to contain a minimum of 250 mg/kg hydroxytyrosol derivatives in each 20g serving (4tsps). Below you can access our NMR reports.

Below you can access the NMR report of the Governor. 

Click here to view the NMR report.