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High Phenolic Olive Oil. 2020’s New Superfood You Must Try.

High phenolic extra virgin olive oil has been renowned for its health benefits since ancient times. It’s one of those little known wonders with the potential to significantly boost your wellbeing. And it tastes good, too! Science is only just now confirming exactly why it’s regarded as the latest superfood.

Oleocanthal, for example (a natural phenolic compound found only in unrefined extra virgin olive oil) has many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It’s responsible for the benefits of the fabled mediterranean diet, and it’s just one of 30 different beneficial compounds found in this type of oil. Another powerful polyphenol, oleacein, is also present in high quantities.

People are searching for dietary secrets that deliver profound health changes. Those who have already discovered high phenolic extra virgin olive oil are raving about it, leading some to refer to it as greek liquid gold. What all this means is that one very tiny change to your diet will significantly increase your quality of life.